Domaine A Cabernet Sauvignon 1997 - Magnum

The 1997 season was special. After a long and quite mild winter, budburst began a few weeks ahead of schedule. Summer conditions were fine and warm during the season. We were very pleased with the quality of our young wines from this near-perfect vintage. These wines have a powerful structure that will almost always demand prolonged cellaring.

When we bottled this cabernet, it was close to perfect. Today it still exudes balance between fruit and acidity with a strong blackberry taste. Drink now—we’ve done the hard work waiting.

Size: 1.5L

Domaine A / Stoney Vineyard
Coal River Valley, Tasmania

Under the Liquor Licensing Act 1990 it is an offence: For liquor to be delivered to a person under the age of 18 years. Penalty: fine not exceeding 20 penalty units. For a person under the age of 18 years to purchase liquor. Penalty: fine not exceeding 10 penalty units.
License number: 75100515

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