Cellar Door

Sometimes all it takes is a few months.

Just for a while, don’t knock on our Cellar Door. After decades of noble service, it’s having a
winter rest and gentle refresh. But fear not: our wines are still available online or from Moorilla’s
Cellar Door at Mona. And we’re still open for private tours, tastings and talks by request. Email
cellardoor@domaine-a.com.au to make an appointment.

Thankfully, the refreshing of our cellar door happened on a different time-scale to the one we like for our wines. 

Since we drew the drapes in June, we’ve taken the opportunity to touch it up a little, put in a new tasting area and give things a lick of paint. 

We’re excited to be re-opening—just in time for summer—on December 1st (conveniently, a Saturday), and after that it’ll be business as usual, 10am-5pm, Friday-Monday.

So come for a visit, and maybe try our new Stoney Vineyard Rosé while you soak up the new surrounds. We’re sure you’ll like what we’ve done.

winespanelimage rose

To whet your appetite for the approaching warm weather and our cellar door re-opening, we’re launching our new Stoney Vineyard Rosé, a glorious copper-gold beauty with zesty, fruit-driven aromatics (with shades of orange and toffee apples) and a satisfying, savoury mix of sandalwood and spice on the palate.

Be amongst the first to taste at our cellar door reopening on December 1st.

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